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Sandy's Social Commitment
One of the main objectives of Sandy’s is its social commitment for individuals who are either mentally or physically challenged or are economically not sufficient to avail the basic needs of life. Apart from these, Sandy’s also strives to help women, who try to earn their own living by making home made products to sustain their livelihood. Sandy’s aims to contribute towards the cause of such people through different reputed NGO. Our small and token contribution is not sufficient considering the large of such individuals. However, we believe, the commitment should start somewhere and Sandy’s vouch to take this through to the next level.

Juthika (F), 5, and Kallol (M), 7 are two such individuals whom we sponsor. They have been found by the Ramakrishna Mission Foundation, on the roadside. These two small children, deserved to have all the happiness that every child in this world gets. However, they, like many other small children had to see the darker side of the life and a very tender age. Ramakrishna Mission Foundation, which houses hundreds of such small and precious life has done outstanding well to live up to their social commitment for the homeless and the poorest of poor. We from our part, provide a monthly token contribution for Juthika and Kallol towards their basic elementary education and books.

Silence is a NGO which are formed by the handicapped, employs handicapped to churn out a large number of handmade products. Sandy’s sources bulk of its products from Silence as a token contribution for the social cause.

‘Ekata’ (means Unity) is also an end-to-end women organization. It comprises of women who have either been tortured by their in-laws forcing them to leave her home, or women who have been socially oppressed. It manufactures different handmade and machine items for sale. The proceeds go to fund these women who want to live life at their own terms. Sandy’s sources some of its products from ‘Ekata’.

Our funds are limited but our optimism and social consciousness is unlimited. Till date our contribution has been more in qualitative terms than in quantitative terms. However, we are hopeful that with the increasing demand of Sandy’s items and products, we can contribute much more to such social cause, quantitatively.

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